Sony’s kept a tight lip on the Playstation VR release date—despite its mid 2016 launch—but that hasn’t stopped NASA from using it. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has worked with Sony to create the demo Mighty Morphenaut: a demo meant to show how controlling a humanoid in space would work.

NASA Will Use Playstation VR To Control Robots In Space

After donning the headset, players will see themselves inside of a ship in space. By controlling the robot’s arms, users are able to lift objects, move around and more. The implications of this technology could make sending robots in space alongside—or even without—humans a viable option for small repair jobs other smaller taxes. Don’t worry, humans will still be able to travel to space. Musk and Bezos will see to that.

While we’ve seen companies introduce VR headsets in the past, Sony is the only video game console maker to make their own. With Microsoft investing in augmented reality using the HoloLens and Nintendo keeping details on their NX console close to the chest, Sony’s VR efforts formerly known as Project Morpheus is almost ready for primetime—ahead of the competition. With games like Driveclub, Eve Valkyrie and Super Hyper Cube making their way to the console, Sony could see the headstart be reason for the company’s success. If only for the fact that its another reason for NASA to send robots to space.

Playstation VR is expected to launch sometime mid 2016.