NASA Burritos, Dying White Blood Cells, And Other Amazing Images Of The Week

Plus, an ant’s shiny coat keeps it cool
Apollo command module accelerating in Earth's orbit
Spacecraft reentering the atmosphere travel so fast — at five or more times the speed of sound — that a plasma sheath of hot, ionized air forms around them that can cut off all communications. (Those terrifying moments at the end of the movie Apollo 13 were because of a plasma sheath, which actually cut off communication for a minute longer than expected in real life). Scientists from China's Harbin Institute of Technology have devised a new antenna that would work with the plasma sheath, rather than against it, to get electromagnetic waves through the vehicle at the right frequencies. Their hypothetical antenna could be used in other hypersonic vehicles, too, like super-fast military planes and ballistic missiles. NASA
closeup of the Saharan silver ant
dying white blood cell
Chinese glass-bottomed bridge in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon
side of the moon's surface with visible moon holes
a man holding the world's largest Klein bottle
a map showing how the brain perceives the body
NASA's heat resistant blanket
map of hydrocarbon lakes on a Saturn's moon
plaque of the Creech Air Force Base with 3 drones engraved