Create your own board game using magnetic spheres with this Nanodots kit

Get a 16-inch Nanopad Game Board and Nanodots for $39.99.

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If you have never come across Nanodots, you are missing out. These magnetic spheres are endlessly fascinating and you can use them to build simple models. With the Nanopad Game Board, you can use your Nanodots to create your own pieces for chess and other board games. You can get the board now along with a pack of 15mm Mega Nanodots for $39.99 at the PopSci Shop.

Mega Nanodots are 15mm spheres, made from military-grade ceramic ferrite magnets. They stick together with some force, meaning you can use them as the building blocks for structures. The Nanopad gives you a place to use these creations.

Made from felt-coated rubber, the board contains an iron weave that attracts Nanodots. One side can be used as a chessboard or for other board games. The other side provides a plain backdrop for photographing your Nanodot models, and it doubles as a mousemat.

The board measures 16 inches long, but you can roll it up for storage. It’s a great way to pass the time on long journeys or procrastinate a little at work.

Order now for $39.99 to get the Nanopad and Mega Nanodots, worth $47.98

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