This nanodots gyro desk toy entertains via magnetic forces

Discover an invisible world and distract yourself from office politics.

As one of the key forces that make life possible on Earth, magnetism is truly fascinating. The Nanodots Gyro Duo Desk Toy lets you mimic atomic-level magnetism during your coffee break, and you can pick up a pack now for $39.95 via the Popular Science Shop.

Anyone who has played with magnets already knows that opposites attract. But when you add multiple magnets and other forces, things can get truly weird. You can discover these natural phenomena with the Duo Gyro toys. They act like hamster balls, except the thing running around is a magnet.

This setup helps you visualize the forces that hold atoms together, while also acting as brilliant time-wasters. You can stick them together, create a multitude of shapes, and make them interact with other metal objects on your desk. Doing this for five minutes is a great way to reduce stress and learn some physics at the same time!

Normally priced at $49.95, you can grab a pack now for $39.95 with a beautiful wooden display stand included.