How to start a lucrative career in project management

Pay what you want for 22 hours of training.

To start with, the career ladder is always pretty straightforward. After a few years on each rung, it’s possible to climb to the next. But after a while, you might find you need to make the leap to a leadership role. In most cases, the next big step is to become a project manager. But what is project management? And how do you learn the ropes? Here’s a closer look at the role, and a sweet deal on training.

What is project management?

Project management is a modern kind of leadership that focuses on specific aims. As a project manager, you are tasked with planning and overseeing a particular set of tasks from start to finish. Along the way, you will be expected to keep budgets under control, communicate with stakeholders, and ensure your team stays motivated.

It’s a challenging role, but a rewarding one. Top companies are happy to pay six-figure salaries to talented project managers, and many people take up project management as a non-technical route into the tech world.

How do I get project management certified?

You don’t need any experience to become a project manager. That said, most employers will expect some proof of your leadership skills.

As a newbie, your best option is to get certified. The Project Management Mastery Bundle helps you do that, with six in-depth video courses working toward the highly respected PMP exam. The training is worth $1,368 in total, but you can currently pay what you want for the bundle at the PopSci Shop.

Starting from scratch, you learn the techniques and terminology used by top project managers. The video tutorials walk you through each step of your project, from planning to delivery. You also pick up industry-specific skills—useful if you plan to work in engineering or development.

The exam prep focuses on the Project Management Professional certification. This is recognized around the world, and PMP-certified managers earn 20 percent more on average than the unqualified competition. This bundle teaches you everything you need to know for passing the exam, and you rack up 35 contact hours towards your certification.

To get the deal, simply name your price on the Project Management Basics course. Beat the average price paid to get one year of unlimited access to all six courses, worth $1,368.