You can control this speedy RC airplane from your smartphone

Use hand gestures or the supplied mini joystick to pull aerial maneuvers.

As kids, many of us sent paper planes flying through class. The Moskito RC Airplane offers the same care-free flight, but with much more control thanks to the gift of technology. You steer the plane from your smartphone, using either hand gestures or the supplied mini-joystick to zoom around the park. Right now, you can get the Moskito for $44.99 via the Popular Science Shop.

The biplane design might look retro, but this RC aircraft employs the latest technology. Once you connect the Moskito to your phone via Bluetooth Smart, it’s instantly ready to fly through the sky. You can even launch it like those good ol’ paper planes, before the front-mounted propeller takes over.

Once you’re soaring through the sky, you can steer the plane by simply tilting your smartphone. The on-screen controls let you adjust the speed, and the wings are specifically designed for tight aerial maneuvers. Alternatively, you can use the supplied mini-joystick to steer like a real pilot. You get an impressive 12 minutes of flying time for 20 minutes of charging, and the lightweight design causes minimal damage if you ever take a wrong turn.

You can grab the Moskito now for just $44.99, saving 10 percent off MSRP.