Star Trek: Discovery
CBS' new Star Trek series will be called Star Trek: Discovery. Screenshot, via YouTube

It’s like Christmas morning this week for details-starved Star Trek fans. We’ve already gotten a look at the alien makeup for one of the characters in the upcoming CBS series Star Trek: Discovery. And now, thanks to a panel at the Television Critics Association Summer Tour, showrunner Bryan Fuller has given us even more information about the 13-episode series, which will debut on CBS All Access in January.

We already knew what the ship, the USS Discovery looks like but we didn’t know until now that the main character would be a woman and…wait for it…not a Captain.

All of the previous movies and TV shows have focused on commanding officers, all of whom at least ended up as captains. Only one, Katherine Janeway, was a woman.

Technically, this isn’t the first time they’ve tried to have a show center around a non-captain. Sisko started DS9 as a Commander, but was promoted to Captain within three seasons. We’ll see if the new series breaks the mold, and keeps the main character in the rank and file, and not landing in the Captain’s chair during the 13-episode arc.

Star Trek: Discovery won’t be an alien-of-the-week show, unlike previous iterations. Instead, it will be a contained 13 episodes with an overarching storyline, a format that has become increasingly popular in recent years (see Fargo, Game of Thrones, American Horror Story etc).

CBS reports that the new series will be set in the Prime universe (basically all of Star Trek), not the Kelvin universe (new movies) in between the events of Enterprise and The Original Series.

As for plot, CBS reports that Fuller hinted that “there’s an incident, an event, in the history of Starfleet that has been talked about [in previous Star Trek series] but never fully explored.” Here at Popular Science we’re seriously hoping that this might be a reference to the early wars and contact with the Klingons.

Fuller was also coy about the possible reappearance of Amanda Grayson, better known as Spock’s mom.

No casting decisions have been made yet.