‘Moon Shot’ Is Now Free To Watch On YouTube

The J.J. Abrams/Google/XPrize documentary follows Google Lunar X-Prize teams
Still from 'Moon Shots'
The logo for a new documentary series from Google, Bad Robot, and the X-Prize Foundation, focusing on the competitors in Google's Lunar X-Prize competition, which seeks to put the first privately funded robotic rover on the moon. X-Prize

We knew it was coming, but the day is now here: you can head over to YouTube and watch Moon Shot, the new, free, 9-part documentary series that profiles participants in the Google Lunar XPrize competition. The documentary comes from the combined forces of Google, the XPrize Foundation, and Bad Robot (the production company founded by J.J. Abrams).

I’ve watched a few minutes myself and can tell you that it is engrossing and the subjects are fascinating. After all, these are people trying to build and land the first privately-funded robotic rover on the moon. But you may not know that they all hail from all different walks of life and many parts of the world, and their motivations for entering the contest are diverse and interesting. Personally, so far my favorite is episode 3 about Team Indus.