Learning a new language can open up different cultures and help you in business. But not everyone has the time or patience to study textbooks. Mondly is a mobile app that helps you learn new languages by playing fun mini-games and speaking to intelligent chatbots. Right now, you can get a lifetime subscription that covers five languages for a limited time offer of $49.99 at the PopSci Shop.

You can think of Mondly as your personal language tutor. Every week, the app introduces a new set of words and phrases. Spend just 10 minutes each day practicing, and you should be speaking fluently in months.

To speed up the learning process, Mondly uses visual cues. Instead of merely reading the translation, you see a picture and hear a native speaker at the same time. It’s like walking around in a foreign country with a local friend.

Once you are feeling confident, Mondly gets you talking with a chatbot. This means you can practice your conversation skills without the potential embarrassment of saying something strange.

It’s worth $1,997, but you can grab a lifetime subscription now for only $49.99—that’s just $10 a language!