Mondly uses speech recognition to fast-track your language learning

Get lifetime access for only $39.99.

Learning a new language can seem pretty daunting when your inch-thick textbook arrives in the mail. Thankfully, there is a smarter way to learn. Mondly is a highly-rated app that helps you master grammar and pick up vocabulary through fun mini-games. The app also employs cutting-edge speech recognition to test your pronunciation. You can currently get lifetime learning on one language for $39.99 via the PopSci Shop.

Using Mondly is more like learning from a native-speaker friend than studying a book. The app teaches you new words through picture quizzes—just like someone pointing out objects in the real world. You then practice your new vocabulary by writing out translations and chatting with the Mondly bot.

Just as importantly, Mondly gets you talking in your new language. The app listens carefully to your accent to provide instant feedback. You also get to listen in on native speaker conversations. This means you can speak with confidence, knowing you won’t make any embarrassing slip-ups. Mondly even has a dictionary and verb conjugator for when you need a quick check.

Order now for $39.99 to get lifetime access to Mondly on iOS and Android (one language), worth $239.95.