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Frontdoor mats

WaterHog Amazon

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Snow isn’t just an outdoor problem; you’re probably going to track a bunch of dirt and water back inside. Make sure you have a durable, water-absorbing foot mat to wipe your feet. Today only, WaterHog mats are on sale for 20 percent off. The top is designed to absorb moisture and dirt, while the sides are meant to hold the water within the mat so it doesn’t drip onto your floor. Simple, but effective. You can protect your floors and minimize the chance of people slipping. There are multiple sizes, textures, and colors available, so choose which one works best for your home.


Model Zero speaker


Another worthwhile Amazon coupon slashes 30 percent from the cost of Anker’s water-resistant Soundcore Model Zero Bluetooth speaker. Today you can get it for $140. It’s beautiful, and produces the audio quality I’ve come to expect from Anker’s speakers and headphones. This device holds a charge for 10 hours and can be controlled via the app or with buttons on the speaker’s circular handle. It features a “BassUp” button if you really want to get the party started. The round handle also makes it super easy to carry around. $140.

E25 robot vacuum

Roborock Amazo

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It’s no secret that I love robot vacuums. I recently got to test out the Roborock E20, which was an impressively thorough little cleaner. Today, you can get your hands on the next model up—the E25—for $40 off if you use Amazon’s coupon on the product page. The 7-pound Roborock E25 is a vacuuming and mopping robot, which means it’s got a small water tank as well as a repository for sucked-up debris. It intelligently learns your floor plan, boosts its suction when it goes onto carpets, and can be controlled via Amazon Alexa. When the battery is running low, it will recharge itself. The dustbin is large and the smartphone app let’s you control most of its functions. Get the $300 vacuum for $260.

Emergency weather radio and Bluetooth speaker

Eton Amazon

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Save 40 percent on two splash-proof audio devices from Eton. The first is an emergency radio, now available for $40. It features a USB port for charging your phone, a built-in 2000 mAh battery with a solar charger on top, a Bluetooth connection for streaming music, and a high-power LED flashlight.

The Rukus Xtreme wireless sound system is a portable, splash-proof Bluetooth speaker with a solar panel on top. Use the sun to charge your device or juice up the 5300mAh battery by plugging it in. It weighs less than two pounds and has a carrying handle. $70.

USB-C cables

Anker Amazon

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If you don’t already have tons of USB cables laying around your house, you should. Especially with the Super Bowl coming up. Today, if you use the code CABLE8463 at checkout, you can save $3 on extra 6-foot Anker USB-C chargers for your guests, your car, or your house. $12.

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