This smart bath towel is germ-fighting, rapid-drying machine

The Mizu Smart Towel is now 57 percent off.

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When you jump out of the bath or shower, you should feel pretty clean. But there’s a difference between smelling fresh and being truly sterile. Every time you wrap yourself in your bath towel, a small number of bacteria are transferred onto your skin. The Mizu Smart Bath Towel has natural antibacterial properties, and it can help fend off those germs when they get out of hand. It also dries five times faster than the competition. You can get your own Mizu Smart Towel now for $42.99 via the PopSci Shop.

Although Mizu is primarily made from ultra-soft cotton, the weave contains silver thread. This inhibits 99 percent of all bacterial growth before it even starts, keeping your towel fresh and hygienic. In addition, this towel has Mizutech contaminant-detection technology. In simple terms, the material will change color when an outbreak of bacterial growth occurs.

The other impressive feature of Mizu is drying speed. Thanks to a twisted yarn weave, this towel dries five times faster than standard cotton towels. It also gets softer with every wash, making it a good choice for sensitive skin.

Normally $100, the Mizu Smart Bath Towel is now 57 percent off at $42.99. You can also get the smaller Mizu Smart Hand Towel for $24.99 (normally $50).