This music software bundle is the ultimate DJ starter kit

Get three top apps from Mixvibes for $49.

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For any party animal, working as a DJ is the ultimate gig. In simple terms, you are paid to listen to your favorite club tracks and hype the crowd. The Mixvibes DJ Software Bundle helps you get started, with three professional apps for mixing, matching and visualization. You can get the full bundle now for just $49 at the PopSci Shop.

Lining up predetermined tracks might seem pretty easy, but blending one song into the next takes skill. This bundle makes the process a little easier, with an array of powerful tools.

The roster includes Cross DJ, a professional mixing app for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. This versatile software detects the BPM and key of any track, helping you make a seamless transition. You also have 14 effects to play with, and the app works natively with 80 controllers.

If you like to add visuals to your set, Remixvideo helps you do that. This VJ app works like a loop sequencer, letting you select cool animations on the fly.

The bundle also includes Remixlive, a powerful audio loop station. The app lets you record patterns, and finger-drum perfect beats.

These apps are worth $198.99 put together, but you can get them now for $49.

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