Plus fashionable ways to find wi-fi signals, fewer chances to invest in bogus enterprises, and more, in today’s links.

  • Everybody loves a story about perceived prettiness — except those people who hate perpetuating the idea that women are catty and competitive.
  • Or, say you are one of those fertile women envious of the prettier ones, and you need some help finding a mate. Order up this webcam-plus-fan to create some sexy windblown pics for your online profile.
  • A T-shirt company has come out with clothing that also serves as a wi-fi detector. The shirt has an image of a radio tower, with radiating waves that appear to indicate the strength of a local signal, which is pretty neat. Is there some kind of way to combine this with Hypercolor shirts, too? The armpits would darken in color when there’s a wi-fi signal present. (And, sometime in the future, you can wear these shirts with your boom-box pants.)
  • Did your inbox look a bit emptier yesterday? A California Web hosting firm went offline, dropping the volume of spam worldwide by two-thirds yesterday. And JUST when we felt like loaning a Nigerian some money and meeting some sxxxy new friends!
  • Another use for DNA testing: identifying the six severed human feet that have washed ashore in British Columbia in the past 15 months.