Nevit Dilman (GNU Free Documentation License)

There may be hope for those who suffer from avatar gender confusion, and exciting news for people who thought those jackets with built-in headphone holders were the height of tech fashion.

For everyone who’s ever wanted to walk down the street listening to tunes blaring from their pants, Chinese researchers have an exciting discovery.

Also on the strange clothing front: GPS lingerie, for keeping track of that special someone or, we suppose, finding misplaced underwear.
If you weren’t quite ready to try starving your way to old age, there may still be hope. A mouse trial for a promising longevity drug actually involved gorging on high-fat food.
Potentially good news for Peters and Sarahs, bad news for Pats and Sams. Also bad news for anyone with a non-traditional name, or who thinks IBM requesting a patent for assigning genders to instant message avatars is silly.

For the anxious men who stay up late at night counting their remaining hairs, now there’s an easier way to measure baldness. Australian researchers have developed software to count the number of hairs on a head, which could be used for testing baldness treatments and depilatories.