A scientist illuminates sneezes, and a bored octopus baffles staff, after the jump. Plus, can’t make up your mind if you’ll vote on the economy or national security? Try adding tech voting records into the equation.

If you haven’t yet figured out which way to vote tomorrow, (or if you just want a better excuse for voting for Ron Paul), check out CNET’s interactive map of politicians’ voting records on tech-related issues.

Otto the octopus causes chaos, juggles hermit crabs.

Dell prepares to woo consumers with laptops in their choice of colors, patterns, and textures (but this time without the frustrating delay).

When is a sneeze beautiful? When it’s captured by schlieren photography, a process that makes the invisible visible.

Of course Sen. Obama has a hybrid and Sen. McCain drives a Cadillac. See if past presidents’ rides conform to type.