And which would you rather carry with you — a live, rabid fox, or a little projector? Both are options. Plus, hating holograms, and more; just follow the links.

A jogger ran a mile with a rabid fox biting her arm.

There may soon be one fewer hurdle for wind farms: A company has come up with a way to alert aircraft to the hard-to-track whirling blades of a turbine.

Love it, hate it, happy for an excuse to think about Star Wars, people still aren’t done talking aboutCNN’s hologram.

This story about a 5,300-year-old ice man’s lack of modern descendants is disappointing: had there been another outcome, would they have tried to stage a family reunion?

Start dreaming of ways to use your pocket projector: entertaining your fellow subway riders, following a tv show down the sidewalk in front of you, seeing what Tom Cruise’s face looks like projected onto the side of your dog.