Giving dogs and clams a new lease on life, mini-nuclear power plants, and more, in today’s crop of radioactive links.

  • From the maker of “mighty mice” comes a possible treatment for dogs that have (gasp!) aged. However, these newly frisky pups may have to be quarantined since their waste could be be risky for humans, so we’re not really sure what good this would do anybody.
  • A marine biologist explains how to produce 16 million fertilized giant clam eggs, which will hopefully grow to be up to 4.5 feet across, and help restock coral reefs and bays in the Philippines. We hope that next year we don’t have a link to an article on plans to provide genetic enhancements for aging clams.
  • A company is saying they hope to start production of miniature nuclear power plants 1.5 meters wide that’ll be buried underground within five years. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says they have no plans to review the design in the near future. We hope something comes of this so we can learn more about the “security detail” needed to protect the modules. Retired parking garage guards? Genetically enhanced Dobermans?
  • Want a Kindle? So do we, even if they are kind of ugly. Here’s a breakdown of how much you’d need to read to actually save money on your book expenses. (See also Ian Frazier’s classic look at your book dollar.)
  • A couple who staged an elaborate wedding in Second Life is divorcing after the wife says she caught the husband having cybersex with another avatar. What a pity this couple won’t stay together long enough to horrify the world with their attempts to raise children in cyberspace. A Second Life home birth? Cybersummer camp for the kids?