Upgrade to wireless with this Mini Qi smartphone charging pad

The pad starts charging on contact, and it's currently 70 percent off MSRP.

Many smartphones now have the ability to charge without fiddly connectors. Yet most manufacturers make you pay extra for this convenience. With the Mini Qi Wireless Charging Pad, you can cut the cord without blowing your budget. It works with any Qi-compatible device, and it’s currently just $11.99 at the Popular Science Shop.

At the best of times, mini USB connectors are difficult to work with. If you’re rushing, the port can seem impossible to find. What’s more, you only need to push in the wrong place to cause serious damage to your phone.

The Mini Qi pad solves these issues once and for all. Your phone starts charging the instant it makes contact with the pad. The compact design takes up little room on your desk. Likewise, the pad would be perfect for your nightstand. It works with any Qi-compatible device out of the box. You can also charge other phones wirelessly via an inexpensive adapter (sold separately). If you are sick of tripping over wires, this charger is for you.

Normally $39.99, the Mini Charging Pad is now just $11.99 with a choice of two colors.