Minecraft: Story Mode Is The Campaign Everyone’s Been Waiting For

Adorable pigs included

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If you get bored building the entirety of Westeros or the limited story options in Minecraft, your prayers have been answered. Minecraft, the game defined by its thriving 70,000,000+ community of builders, is adding a separate Story Mode game, where players will be able to navigate a traditional storyline developed by Telltale Games.

Story Mode will oddly be a standalone game by Telltale, but Owen Hill, Mojang’s chief word officer, says that it “follows the logic of Minecraft, but still manages to feel original. It’s actually pretty funny too.” Hill also added that the pig, seen in the trailer above, is adorable.

The new game follows other recent big experiments from Minecraft, including a demo for parent company Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented reality headset, which allows players to interact with virtual Minecraft blocks on their real life tabletops. This is another aspect of Minecraft’s evolution from basic building platform to multi-faceted media machine, as it also follows last year’s Minecraft movie announcement.

Telltale Games broke into the mainstream with their intensely story-driven version of The Walking Dead, proving that video games based on shows (or comic books) didn’t have to be terrible. (We’re looking at you, Superman for the Nintendo 64.) More recently they’ve taken on other popular franchises like Game of Thrones, scoring the original actors as the voice cast.

Minecraft: Story Mode’s voice cast sports its own brand of surprises, with nerd icons Patton Oswalt and Brian Posehn, as well as Paul Reubens (best known as his Pee-Wee Herman character). Oswalt will take center stage in Story Mode, playing the main protagonist, Jesse. According to the trailer, decisions that players make throughout the game affect the plot later on, although Telltale Games has gotten some heat from fans before about how much user input actually matters in the grand scheme of the game.

A Telltale Games blog post says Story Mode’s adventure lies with four central characters who form the Order of the Stone, a group that defeated an Ender Dragon (a beast seen in the original Minecraft). At a convention (possibly much like the MineCon that happened this weekend), they find out something is dreadfully wrong. It’s vague, but it’s what we have so far. Hill promises more on the story this year.