MindFi helps you practice mindfulness in 10 minutes each day

You can get lifetime access now for $39.

In our hectic lives, mindfulness seems like an impossible luxury. But taking a little time to look inward can help you be more productive and less stressed. MindFi unlocks the benefits of mindfulness in just 10 minutes each day. The app offers unlimited access to a range of guided exercises, aimed at shaping your mood and reducing stress. You can pick up a lifetime subscription now for only $39 at the PopSci Shop.

In simple terms, mindfulness can be defined as the mental state achieved by focusing on the present moment. By blocking out memories of the past and fears of the future, it’s possible to think more clearly.

MindFi helps you reach this calm state of mind through guided exercises and short courses. In just 10 minutes each day, you can relieve the tension and start afresh with a positive mindset.

Available on iOS and Android, MindFi changes to suit your mood. Need a lift? The app will recommend some short meditation exercises. Want to get things done? MindFi will provide a Pomodoro timer. The app will even track your progress over time.

Get lifetime access now for $39 and save 89 percent on the regular price.

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