Get two tactical military flashlights for under $18

Military-standard illumination for camping, fishing, and more.

If you ever break down after dark, a reliable flashlight is worth its weight in solid gold. Equally, the UltraBright 500-Lumen Tactical Military Flashlights are perfect for enjoying the great outdoors long after dark. You can now get a two-pack via the Popular Science Shop for just $17.99.

These flashlights are made from strong aircraft-grade aluminum, yet they weigh just 65 grams each. They kick out 500 lumens, which is enough to blast through gloomy conditions. With a range of one mile, you can use the adjustable zoom to pick out your buddies on the trail ahead, or make yourself visible after dark.

Along with full beam, these flashlights have two other modes. Lower bright mode is good for navigating your campsite without startling anyone, while SOS mode sends out distress signals when you need help. The flashlights have a wide working voltage for excellent battery life, and they come in a strong storage case. Built to military standards, these lights won’t let you down.

The UltraBright 500-Lumen Flashlights are normally $50 each—order now to get two for $17.99, saving 82 percent off MSRP.