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Follow along with the numbered diagram of the flight deck (click “Enlarge this image” to the left for a bigger view) to find out what’s new on the A380.

  1. Primary flight display is larger than older versions and shows multiple streams of information, including digital instrumentation, deftly prioritized for the pilots.
  2. Navigation display registers course changes graphically when the pilot programs new waypoints. A vertical situation display shows a side profile of the flight path relative to the terrain, providing a more intuitive reading of the ground.
Plane on air


Inside a plane


  1. Onboard information system displays maps and manuals and, while taxiing, runway diagrams.

How the A380 Gets More Power With Less Noise:

The four massive 70,000-pound-thrust high-bypass turbofan jet engines driving the A380 will actually be quieter than the engines on many smaller planes. That´s because high-bypass engines employ carefully sculpted blades and wider fans (116 inches in the A380´s Rolls Royce model) to acceleratE more air past the engine core and out the rear, allowing the engines to operate more slowly and quietly without sacrificing thrust.

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