121.5 Number of years since Venus last crossed between Earth and the Sun, making it visible to the naked eye

8 Number of years until the next Venus transit

5 billion + Estimated number of people who will be able to see all or part of the 2004 transit. People in the western U.S., Hawaii and New Zealand are out of luck until 2012

23° N, 55° W Best view, just south of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Sun Filter Equipment necessary to view transit without eye damage

1761, 1769 Years in which astronomers used the transit of Venus to
measure Earth´s distance from the Sun

864 Surface temperature of Venus, in degrees Fahrenheit

266 Highest temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit, that a lifeform
on Earth has been known to survive

6 Planned U.S. missions to Mars, 2004â€2011

1 Planned U.S. missions to Venus, 2004â€2011