If you haven’t yet noticed, today we’re celebrating the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11, and the first humans to step foot on the moon, which happened at around 4:15 pm EST, July 20, 1969. And in perhaps the world’s most fitting use of this particular cliché, Things Have Never Been the Same.

We’ll be leafing back through PopSci’s rich archives at some of our Apollo coverage throughout the late sixties and early seventies, hearing from one of NASA’s original lunar explorers on where we should go next, four decades since Kennedy’s famous “we choose the moon” declaration, and, of course, looking forward to what scientific milestones yet to come could possibly stand on the same psychological and historical ground as humankind’s first lunar step.

Hope you enjoy looking back (and forward) with us today. You can read all of our Apollo-11-related posts from the last few days here on our Apollo +40 tag page.

Our full Apollo 11 40th-anniversary coverage in one place: