Digital F-16 dogfights will never be the same

Top Gun training in Fightertown USA might become obsolete thanks to a new ultra-high definition, immersive F-16 training program. Powered by 120 Intel Dual Core PCs packed with high-end graphics cards, nine overlapping HD projectors display the highest-res flight simulator possible. Creating a stunning 30,000 interactive images in a single simulation, L-3 Link’s SimuSphere offers a realistic training tool for the military that will hopefully lead to a smaller home version for me.

The creators assure that with the combined processing power of the graphics cards and the overlapping projectors, the world can be seen in 20-40 visual acuity, much more refined than the 20-80 acuity seen in previous simulators. The only roadblock preventing true 20-20 vision is an even better HD projector–right now, the tech isn’t there to provide true 20-20. Traveling at digital speeds of 500mph, the world responds quickly and accurately to the controls with real-world physics governing all the realistic explosions and environmental damage an F-16 can dish out.

Simulators like this could save the military money on costly training operations and prevent any Goose-like tragedies that might occur. Now the obvious next step to make this completely believable is an immersive volleyball simulator.

F-16 Simulator

Unclear if you can buzz the tower in simulation

[ via Gizmodo]