I cannot even think about this long enough to make a joke: Japanese scientists have developed stink-free underwear for astronauts to wear for extended periods in space.

Also in today’s links: a link between obesity and ADHD, a debate over the population of the Galapagos, and a remarkable climate-change contrarian.

  • Scientists journey to what’s believed to be the homeland of the chili pepper, in pursuit of something spicy.
  • What if there were a scientist who dissented from the prevailing wisdom on global warming, who was not a demagogue but an illustrious scientist, with a career full of accolades and accomplishments and a circle of eminent friends? Would you believe him? (Note: set aside a good chunk of time to read this one.)
  • In the Galapagos, where many Ecuadoreans have found well-paying jobs, some people don’t want the human population to evolve further. Even some children born there don’t necessarily get permanent residence status.
  • A study of obese patients found a level of ADHD far higher than in the general population, suggesting a link. Patients in the study treated for ADHD lost a significant amount of weight, although the article doesn’t mention how much others lost.