Discovered in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Madera County Sheriff's Dept

Steve Fossett

Almost 13 months after adventurer Steve Fossett disappeared in a single-engine plane over Nevada, and a year to the day since the search was suspended, the wreckage of his Bellanca 8KCAB (N240R) has been discovered in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Fossett’s body is still missing.

Fossett’s Wrecked Bellanca 8KCAB (N240R)

Discovered in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Well after the official search ended, the Internet community rallied together, digging through hundreds of thousands of satellite images through Amazon’s Mechanical Turk system in the hopes of spotting Fossett’s aircraft. But it was hikers on the ground who yesterday stumbled upon some of the Fossett’s personal affects, including a pilot’s license with his name on it. Helicopters dispatched by the Madera County Sheriff’s Department then found the wrecked plane in an aerial investigation.

The search for Fossett’s remains has been reopened. We’ll bring you updates as they arise.