Microsoft unveiled its latest operating system update today. The Creators Update places an emphasis on 3D scanning.

The app Windows Capture 3D Experience will allow all Windows Phone users to scan three-dimensional objects. Also coming is Paint 3D, an update to the classic Windows software that will work with the Surface Pen.

Microsoft also touted the new operating system’s social features, such as the ability to export Minecraft creations to Facebook as well as 3D-print them.

In addition to more lighthearted creations, the Creators OS update will offer improved updates to apps like Powerpoint as well. New features like being able to manipulate art inserted into a Powerpoint in 3D space on the Surface accompany the software’s theme of bringing 3D everywhere.

HoloLens will also see updates. The headset will enable you to envision your 3D creations as well as browse the web.

HoloTour in the new update will allow HoloLens users to take virtual tours while in the headset. The feature is one we’ve seen from Google in the past with Cardboard and Google Maps.

The update will come to consumers in early 2017.