To the naked eye, a human hair isn’t very interesting. But when you look closely—really closely—amazing detail starts to appear. The Microscope Camera lets you explore this tiny world on your desk with up to 1000x zoom. You can even capture what you see at 1080p resolution. Right now, the camera is just $38.99 at the PopSci Shop.

Many everyday objects are fascinating to study under a microscope. For instance, this camera lets you see the individual cells in leaves and the fibers of fabric without visiting a lab.

The camera plugs into your computer via USB and sends live HD video to your monitor. The image is crisp, with eight super-bright LEDs providing good light. You can take photos and videos with a click, and the device offers two levels of zoom: 40x and 1000x.

With that level of magnification, small vibrations can cause a visual earthquake. That’s why the microscope camera comes with a stabilizing stand. This does a great job of keeping your images sharp and your videos smooth.

It’s normally priced at $129.99, but you can grab this desktop microscope now for $38.99.