Explore the microscopic world with this 1000x zoom camera

For just $38.99 in the PopSci Shop.

If you look closely enough, even the most mundane objects can be pretty amazing. Under a microscope, your shirt turns into a forest of fibers and your skin looks like an alien landscape. The Microscope Camera with 1000X Zoom helps you explore this fascinating world on your desktop. You can get it now for $38.99 at the PopSci Shop.

This camera is a must-have for any science geek. The 1000x zoom lets you see the tiniest details on any surface — from the shining crystals in rock to the intricate circuits on a motherboard.

To use the camera, you simply plug it into a USB port on your computer. Eight bright LED lights provide good illumination, while a dynamic image sensor provides crisp images. You can snap photos of everything you see with a click.

To keep the images sharp, the camera comes with a stabilizing stand. This also provides a solid platform, meaning you can focus easily. In addition, the camera has two zoom settings to choose from: 1000x and 40x.

Originally $129.99, the Microscope Camera is now just $38.99 after a special price drop.