Master Microsoft Office with 120 hours of tailored training for $39

Learn Excel, VBA, Access, Powerpoint, Word, and more.

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If you work behind a desk, you probably use Microsoft Office. This software suite is incredibly powerful, but relatively few people know how to use all the best features. The Mega Microsoft Office 2019 Bundle can help you get things done and catch the eye of recruiters, with 120 hours of video training on Excel, VBA, Access, Powerpoint, Word, and more. You can get the bundle now for just $39 at the PopSci Shop.

While most of us know how to use a spreadsheet and produce simple written reports, Office experts are fairly rare. These skills are greatly valued by employers, and some are essential for highly-paid positions.

This bundle gives you a complete education in Office software, with 11 in-depth courses. The training includes more than 450 tutorials and over 250 downloadable exercises, helping you get hands-on experience with Microsoft apps.

Along the way, you learn how to format Word documents, handle data in Excel, write your own macros with VBA, and sort email like a pro with Outlook. The bundle also covers PowerPoint, Access, Windows 10, and Visio, with practice exercises and test questions to hone your knowledge.

Order now for $39 to get lifetime access to all the training, worth $399.

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