Medix CBD cream provides powerful pain relief wherever you need it

Get 150 mg of raw hemp oil for $24.99.

When other painkillers simply aren’t working, many people turn to CBD. This chemical comes from the cannabis plant, but it doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects. Medix CBD Topical Pain Relief Cream is a powerful CBD formula that you can apply anywhere on your body to reduce inflammation and stop chronic pain. You can pick up a 150 mg jar now for $24.99 via the PopSci Shop.

People have long smoked pot to relieve their aches and pains. Of course, that drug is still illegal in many places—but more recently, scientists have been able to isolate the beneficial parts of marijuana for medical uses.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical derived from the cannabis plant that has several therapeutic effects. Studies have shown that applying CBD to your skin can reduce chronic pain and calm inflammation caused by arthritis.

Medix cream is packed with CBD along with several other active ingredients. You can apply the cream to get targeted pain relief wherever you need it. The cream works on all kinds of pain, from muscle aches to painful joints. Just as importantly, it’s completely legal and safe to use.

Normally $59.99, this 150 mg jar is now $24.99 for a limited time.

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