There are countless articles touting the cognitive and physiological benefits of meditation. It can help with focus, alleviate stress, make you sleep better, and recalibrate of your needs and desires. Meditation can be intimidating to people who find it hard to quiet their racing minds. To help you sit in peace, here’s a selection of meditation accessories to facilitate your mindfulness practice. None of these things are required to meditate, but they may help get you in the right frame of mind.

The clearest and most simple instruction book on how to meditate. Amazon

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Thich Nhat Hanh is a Vietnamese Buddhist monk and activist with his own mindfulness center called Plum Village in the south of France. If you can’t get there on a retreat, his pocket-sized book on meditation is the next best thing. Written in a beautifully clear and calming style, this book explains meditation and wisdom in a very accessible way.

Open and seal your meditation practice. Amazon

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A singing bowl can set the tone of your meditation practice and do wonders for clearing your mind. This beautiful rainbow crystal one is gorgeous and extremely resonant. It comes with a rubber mallet and the tones produced will move through your body in waves to calm, align, and heal you. Since this bowl produces a B note, it is associated with your crown chakra, which deals with your connection to the universe.

Rest your bum. Amazon

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Made with buckwheat filling, this meditation cushion brings an element of nature into your home. It’s at once soft and supportive, and supports your spine while allowing you to sit comfortably cross-legged (which can be tough if you’re inflexible). You can also use it as a support cushion during yoga sessions, and the cotton pillow case can be easily removed and washed. It comes with a one-year limited warranty, too.

Build a daily ritual in 90 days. Amazon

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To really reap the benefits of meditation, consistency is key. This journal is the perfect tool to hold yourself accountable. The introduction gives a quick guide on how to meditate and an overview of the neuroscience behind meditation. You can then track your progress daily on the following pages.

Ground yourself in small daily sessions. Amazon

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For a fast-track to a calmed state, this tone therapy system is your high-tech answer: with just a push of a button, these meditation speakers play special tone therapy sequences designed to make you feel less anxious and more grounded and focused. Just sit back and listen.