Meatballs Of The Future, A Two-Tailed Comet, And Other Amazing Images Of The Week

Plus, what dolphins think you look like
Imagining Future Meatballs
Tomorrow's Meatball is a visual project that's meant to provoke thought about the increasing need for more sustainable, efficient food production. The project came out of Ikea's Space10, an interdisciplinary lab and exhibition space in Copenhagen that explores the challenges and possible solutions of future living. The creators of the project produced a hypothetical menu of future meatballs, which included morsels made from algae, 3D-printed ingredients, insects, and lab-grown meat. They chose the meatball because they wanted to make people feel "familiar with the unfamiliar," said Kaave Pour of Space-10 in a post on the group's website. "There's hardly any culture that does not cook meatballs — from the Swedish meatball, to the Italian/American spaghetti meatballs to spiced up Middle Eastern kofta." Space10
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