Improve your data analysis skills with this certified Tableau training

Get five hands-on video courses for $25.

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In many professions, data analysis has become a key skill in recent years. Whether you work in digital marketing or assembly line management, recruiters will be impressed if you can crunch the numbers. The Mastering Tableau Certification Bundle helps you acquire those skills, with five courses focusing on a popular data analysis tool. Right now, you can get the training for just $25 at the PopSci Shop.

Tableau Desktop is one of the most popular tools for business intelligence. The software is powerful and flexible yet relatively easy to use.

Through 19 hours of hands-on training, this bundle helps you master data analysis and visualization with Tableau. You start from the absolute basics, before discovering how to unearth insights from huge data sets. Along the way, you will build workbooks, design charts, and create data-driven stories. The training also shows you how to use your analysis in the real world.

The courses include video lessons and plenty of downloadable content for exercises. This means you can get hands-on experience, along with a certificate of competition at the end of each course.

Order now for just $25 to get the training, worth $770.

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