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Massagers for every body

Zyllion Amazon

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If any part of your body needs a good knead, Amazon has up to 20 percent off highly-rated Zyllion massagers. There are vibrating foam rollers, neck and back massagers, a shoulder massager, and even a rolling, heated foot massager. This way for the full list..

Nerdy kitchen gear

Think Geek Think Geek

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I’m all about Think Geek’s kitchen deals today. They’ve got up to 70 percent off products like my favorite Zombie head cookie jar ($10!), heat-changing solar eclipse mugs ($5!), and Star Wars Ice cube trays ($2). The full list can be found here.

On a side note, I fell down a rabbit hole looking into whether Hollywood would ever make a Zelda movie. I found no concrete answers, but did stumble across Think Geek’s new Zelda rolling pin. It’s $25.

Gaming chairs

OFM Amazon

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What is a gaming chair? It’s a chair—sometimes with built-in vents to help keep your body cool—that’s designed to be sat in for 15 hours of video games without messing up your back. Said another way: it’s a top-quality chair that you could use for video games or not. If that sounds intriguing, Amazon has up to 25 percent off gaming chairs ranging from $59 to $143.

Lithium Pivot Vacuum

Black + Decker Amazon

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If you don’t have a handheld vacuum, you haven’t lived. It’s quite honestly a life changer. Forget lugging out your heavier vacuum that’s tucked behind your laundry basket for a few Doritos crumbs between your couch cushions. Grab one of these 20-volt Black+Decker pivot vacuums and be done in seconds. It comes with a charging base, holds a 15-minute charge, and uses a pivoting nozzle head to make it easier to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Right now this one is 34 percent off—now $53.

Eggsplorer RC quadcopter drone

Tenergy Amazon

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Drone’t sleep on this deal. The Tenergy Eggsplorer RC quadcopter drone typically sells for $30, but you can get one today for $18. The transformable drone—from a mysterious, transportable egg to quadcopter—features an auto hovering mode, and can do a 360-degree tumble stunt.

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