Martha Stewart is, among her many claims to fame and notoriety, a big techie. What, you don’t remember her love of the Apple iPad and her drone? Now the lifestyle entrepreneur has taken another great leap into the future: riding a hoverboard*.

Specifically, one belonging to a kid in Qatar named Aziz al Nasser (presumably the son of the U.N. High Representative Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser)

As Stewart tweeted last night:

We can only hope Ms. Stewart elects to use one of the channels of her vast multimedia empire to give us more details about her hoverboarding experience, and maybe her tips for appearing graceful on a contraption that, in at least some cases, has been known to spontaneously combust (and has been subsequently banned by various organizations). And hey Ms. Stewart, if you’re reading this — we’re happy to have you do a guest spot on Popular Science as our new hoverboarding editor-at-large.

Disclaimer: we know these devices technically aren’t “hoverboards” in the original sense of the term (a board that hovers over the air without components physically touching the ground for motion), but colloquial usage has rendered this original definition moot, and “hoverboard” is now is a blanket term that refers to self-balancing boards of many kinds.