This blackout mask will ensure you get the required sleep you need

Get the mask and blackout stickers for $29.99.

Most of us do not get an adequate amount of sleep every night, and sleep deprivation can lead to a whole host of issues like mood swings and undermined memory function. So have can we avoid these sleepless nights? In addition to staying physically active and leaving devices out of the bedroom, covering your eyes from any and all light exposure can help turn the mind off for some much-needed shut-eye. The Manta Sleep Mask & Blackout Stickers are designed to shut out all light, and can get this bedtime bundle now for $29.99 in the PopSci Shop.

Even at night, total darkness is hard to come by. With headlights outside your window and notification lights flashing by your bedside, it’s easy to see why your brain doesn’t believe the clock.

The Manta mask is a neat solution. This bedtime accessory puts your eyes in complete darkness—even during the day—without pressing on your face. It’s comfortable to wear in any sleeping position, and the memory foam eyecups provide a custom fit. Better still, the mask won’t even smudge your makeup when you settle down for a quick nap.

The mask comes with Manta blackout stickers, which are designed to cover notification and charging lights. They cut out 100 percent of visible light, and the pack includes 11 different sizes of stickers.

They’re worth $39.98, but you can grab the Manta mask and stickers now for just $29.99.