This weekend I’ll be at Rose City Comic Con! So if you’re on the west coast, this is your last chance to see me in person this year. As always, I’ll have copies of the Sufficiently Remarkable Minis, OTP, and my Vaccines Work books on hand. Also some bonus goodies!

But first, Portland, we need to talk about your water. It has no fluoride in it? What’s up with that?

Most municipalities treat their water supply with a small amount of this fluorine ion in order to combat tooth decay. Some cities opt out of this due to health concerns. Fluoride is odorless and tasteless (despite what anybody will tell you) and the amount in the water is negligible. If you’re still on the fence about the issue, this article in the ever-amazing Portland Mercury will explain why you shouldn’t be worried.

And if you decide to read the comments on that article (please don’t) you will run into this gem, pointed out to me by @MWhipple4:


While the screed seems to fit right in with the rest of the conspiracy theories, film buffs will recognize the passage is actually from Dr. Strangelove. I tip my hat to you, good troll.