Magnetips color pens are a versatile gift for any artist

Save 37 percent on these innovative fineliners.

You don’t have to be a great artist to produce something eye-catching with fineliners. These pens deliver bold colors through fine tips, allowing you to doodle and sketch with precision. You can think of Magnetips as version two of the fineliner. These magnetic pens have ultra-fine tips, and they can be stuck together to form perfect geometric stencils. Right now, you can get the Color Edition Bundle for $49 at the PopSci Shop.

Drawing with fineliners is always a pleasurable experience. There’s no paint to mix, nor pencil to smudge. It’s just you, the paper, and every crazy idea you ever had. Magnetips takes this artistic experience to the next level.

These high-quality color pens have ultra-fine 0.4mm tips, giving creatives the precision they crave. The water-based ink is easy to work with, and this bundle comes with 20 bold colors. Magnetips are also refillable — you get 20 cartridges in the pack.

But that’s not all. Being magnetic, Magnetips are naturally attracted to one another. Using the provided ball bearings, you can create desktop models and flat-sided stencils with these pens.

Worth $78, this Color Edition Bundle is a great gift idea at $49—and you can use code GREENMONDAY20 for an extra 20% off.