This magnetic space putty will make hours disappear

Feel the stress fade away while satisfying your curiosity.

For many of us, space putty was a childhood obsession. It was weird and fascinating in equal measure. You could also say it was the original fidget toy. Now, the stretchy stuff is back with an added twist. Scientific Magnetic Space Putty reacts to magnets, adding a new dimension to the stretchy fun. You can grab a pack now for $9.99 via the Popular Science Shop, saving 60 percent off MSRP.

It’s amazing how much mileage you can get from pulling things apart and squishing them back together. But that’s why space putty is so addictive—it helps you relax through mindless malleability. As with the original, you can stretch and squeeze the new putty. You can even roll it into a ball and make it bounce off the walls.

As the name suggests, the Scientific Magnetic Space Putty has embedded magnetic properties. It warps toward magnetic things on your desk, and you can even stick it on the fridge. It adds a new dimension to the viscoelastic fun.

It’s normally priced at $24.99, but you can grab a tin of Magnetic Space Putty for $9.99 with a choice of five colors.