These Magellan dash cams provide HD evidence after an accident

Always have a reliable witness, with HD video and GPS tracking for under $60.

When the worst happens on the freeway, it pays to have some record of events. You can’t always rely on human witnesses, but the Magellan MiVue GPS Dash Cams will always have your back. These cameras record the road ahead and stamp the HD footage with your precise GPS location. You can currently get the HD 538 for $59.99, or upgrade to the HD 420 camera for $79.99 via the Popular Science Shop.

It only takes one distracted driver to ruin your day. But the hurt can continue long after an accident if you can’t prove your innocence. For this reason, many people now use dash cams to record their travels. The MiVue cameras offer particularly good coverage thanks to a bright 130-degree lens. You get crystal-clear HD video, even in low light.

What’s more, these cameras are packed with extra features. For instance, the three-axis impact sensor can automatically start the recording whenever you brake hard. Each video is stamped with the time and location, and the supplied mount means you can rotate the camera to any angle.

You can save 64 percent on the HD 538, which is now $59.99. Alternatively, you can upgrade to 1296p footage and get a free memory card with the HD 420 for $79.99.