macOS Sierra’s Best New Features: Here’s How To Use Them

The big update brings more brains and cool functions to your computer

A screenshot of a Mac updated to macOS Sierra

A screenshot of a Mac updated to macOS Sierra

Apple's latest computer operating system.Apple

If you’re a Mac user, it’s more than likely that you’ve hit “remind me later” a few times for the newest macOS software update. But Sierra, aka macOS Sierra Version 10.12, is available now on most modern MacBooks and iMacs and has some huge new features for your computer.

To get Sierra and try them out for yourself, visit this official Apple page and click the blue button marked "Upgrade Now." Or, on your computer, click on the Apple logo in the top left of your Mac's screen, select "System Preferences", find the "App Store" icon and click it, then click "Show Updates." macOS Sierra should be available as an option there.

You get an upgraded dock with the addition of Apple’s signature Siri, and you gain some other fun and useful features with your computer and compatible Apple devices. Here are our favorites, and how you can use them.