Learn to build your own intelligent apps with this machine learning bundle

Get 30 hours of video tutorials for $35.

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Just like a small child, artificial intelligence has to learn about the world through observation. This process is called machine learning, and it’s set to define technology for the next decade. The Complete Machine Learning A to Z Bundle provides a great introduction to the topic, with nine courses and over 30 hours of hands-on developer training. You can get the bundle now for only $35 at the PopSci Shop.

Machine learning powers everything from facial recognition to self-driving cars and Netflix recommendations. It’s an exciting field to work in, and many companies are looking for new talent.

Whether you want to go pro or simply keep up with the latest tech, this bundle is the place to start. Through concise video lessons, you discover how machine learning works and how to build your own intelligent apps — including smart chatbots and voice assistants.

The training covers a variety of tools, including Google DialogFlow, Amazon Lex and Spark. You also learn about neural networks and data analysis. These skills are valuable for any aspiring developer, and they are valued in many other industries.

The training is worth $891 all together, but you can grab it now for $35.

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