Spotify Car Thing
Spotify’s “Car Thing” listens requests for music and podcasts. Spotify

There’s this prevailing thought that the internet never lets anything die. If you happen to appear in a stock photo that becomes a ubiquitous meme, for instance, it can take over your whole public persona. Or, if you look like an idiot in public and someone films it, that’s a mark on your social credibility for eternity.

But, while some things on the web are forever, others are relatively fleeting. This week, iconic proto-meme site YTMND went down after years of remaining mostly dormant. The site allowed users to upload a gif and a sound clip. It would then mash the visual and the audio together to make an infinity tiled, forever-looping piece of internet nonsense.

As we say goodbye to YTMND, and soon, Game of Thrones, we take this opportunity to look back on the week’s biggest tech news. We live in the future, not the past.

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As always, this week’s episode of Techathlon tests your knowledge of the tech world. This week, we play trivia games about the state of internet food delivery services, complain about people complaining on the internet, and take part in the traditional Techathlon Decathlon.

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DJI made an action camera with two screens

The original action cameras like the GoPro didn’t have a screen. Now, DJI’s new $349 Osmo action camera has a pair of displays: a typical screen on the back and another on the front so you can see if you’re staying in frame while you’re shooting. Overall, it looks like a fairly impressive device that’s great if you’re into extreme sports or participating in the current bevy of drama that’s happening in the world of internet makeup tutorial videos.

Microsoft patched Windows XP and that’s very bad

About two years ago, a ransomware exploit called WannaCry rampaged across computer networks on machines that were running Windows XP. Now, Microsoft has had to issue another XP security patch to fix a similar breach.

Spotify is testing a piece of hardware called the “car thing”

Rumor’s of Spotify making a hardware music player have been around for years, but now the company has started showing off a test version. The “car thing,” contains a voice assistant and lets users play music and podcasts by requesting it with their voices. The device isn’t for consumers just yet, but a similar “car thing” could show up on the market sometime down the road.

Check out this awesome air taxi with rotating jets

Lilium is one of many companies currently working on a flying taxi concept, but its new plane recently had its first test flight (more of a test hover, really), using its 36 “jet” propellers to get into the air.