Lunching Lemurs, A Tropical Cyclone, And Other Amazing Images Of The Week

Including an elusive fox that hasn't been seen in nearly 100 years

Lightning Up

Tropical cyclone Bansi formed in the southwest Indian Ocean on January 11, reaching Category 4 status at its peak. This is a picture of lightning in or near the eye of the storm the following day, taken from the International Space Station while it was near Madagascar.

God’s Hand Globule

The European Southern Observatory released this image of the God’s Hand cometary globule. It’s generally pretty hard to see, which makes this image taken by the Very Large Telescope important for figuring out more about the fairly mysterious nebula.

Lunching Lemurs

Lemurs at the Qingdao Forest Wildlife World in Qingdao, China chow down on some food earlier this week. The group arrived at the zoo last year, and are native to Madagascar.

Not Your Average Party Balloon

Two pilots have managed to set the world record this week for the longest flight in a helium balloon. The balloon started its journey January 25 in Japan and is still traveling over the Pacific Ocean. The team expects to land on Saturday in Mexico.

3D Couture

Massachusetts-based Nervous System has figured out a way to 3D-print a dress all in one go. They’ve made two dresses made of nylon so far, each made of connected panels that allow the dress to move easily.

Nor’easter By Night

The storm that moved across the East Coast this week left most of Massachusetts buried in snow while New York City missed the worst of it. This photo, taken by satellite around 2 a.m. Eastern time January 27 shows the storm near its peak intensity.

Zoomed In

For this shot of soap bubbles, photographer Pyanek had to get super close to the subject. Take in more zoomed-in pictures of everyday objects here.

Supernova CAT Scan

Astronomers are using “the astronomical equivalent of a CAT scan” to find out more about the supernova Casseopeia A. By generating a 3-D map, the team determined that the exploded star is made up of a handful of bubble-like cavities.

Rare Fox

Wildlife biologists at Yosemite National Park have spotted the Sierra Nevada Red Fox for the first time in almost 100 years. They used motion-sensitive cameras to get pictures of the fox in December 2014 and January in the northern part of the park.