Explore the surface of the moon with the perfect palm-sized replica

These LUNAR AR Moon models are simply stunning.

The Moon always feels like a familiar face in the night sky. But how much do you actually know about our nearest neighbor? The LUNAR AR Moon Models help you explore the surface of Earth’s satellite in the palm of your hand. These beautiful scale models come with their own augmented reality app, which highlights every point of interest. You can currently get your own LUNAR moon for just $89 at the PopSci Shop.


Unlike many replica moons, the LUNAR models are completely accurate. As you rotate the 80mm sphere in your hand, you can see every extinct volcano and impact crater at a scale of 1:43,453,500. This level of accuracy is made possible by precision 3D printing. Each model is then finished by hand to ensure the highest quality.

But your model is more than a desktop curiosity. Download the AstroReality app on your phone and you can start exploring the Moon in earnest. The app acts as your personal tour guide, pointing out the highlights and providing interesting facts on demand.

The Regular version is worth $101.99, but you can grab one now for just $89. Head to the deal page for more savings on the LUNAR range.