These AR moon models make you feel like an Apollo astronaut

Save up to 34 percent on the LUNAR range.

As kids, many of us dreamed about blasting into space. Only a select few ever made this dream come true. But it turns out, there is another way to get the full Apollo experience. The LUNAR AR Moon Models allow you to explore our nearest neighbor in the palm of your hand. Thanks to augmented reality, you can also get a guided tour via your smartphone.

Right now, you can save up to 34 percent on LUNAR models via the PopSci Shop—here’s a closer look.

Moon Models

Just as every physician needs an anatomical model to study, every space nerd should have their own moon.

LUNAR models are hand crafted from polyresin, with a surface that perfectly matches the Moon. You will find every impact crater and dusty sea, down to the smallest details. Thanks to the latest 3D printing technology and data from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, these models are accurate to 0.006mm.

LUNAR Moon Stack Commerce

The regular LUNAR Moon measures 80mm in diameter, making it a perfect 1:43,453,500 scale model. You can explore the surface in your own time, or download the AstroReality smartphone app (iOS/Android) for a guided tour.

The app uses augmented reality to point out notable features on the surface of your model, providing interesting facts and figures.

LUNAR Mini Moon
LUNAR Mini Moon Stack Commerce

You can get the same experience with the LUNAR Mini Moon, albeit at half the size and half the price. This pocket-sized 1:116,020,845 scale model lets you hold the moon between your thumb and finger like some maniacal space lord.

LUNAR Pro Stack Commerce

For real space enthusiasts, the LUNAR Pro will offer the most satisfying experience. At 120mm in diameter, this model is 50 percent larger than the regular version.

LUNAR augmented reality notebook
LUNAR augmented reality notebook Stack Commerce

If owning the Moon wasn’t enough, LUNAR also produces a nice augmented reality notebook. This offers space (get it?) for your scribbles, but you will also find amazing imagery inside. Once again, these photos work perfectly with the AstroReality app.

Astronomical Savings

Normally $101.99, the standard LUNAR AR Moon is now just $79 at the PopSci Shop. You can also grab the Mini Moon for $35 (was $43.99) or the LUNAR Pro Moon for $199 (was $238.99). The LUNAR notebook is now 34 percent off at $16.99.