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They say that only half of photography happens in the camera. The other 50 percent occurs in the digital darkroom, where you can adjust the image to match your creative vision. Luminar 3 is an award-winning photo editor that helps you achieve your photographic goals using the power of AI. Right now, you can get the app on Mac and Windows, bundled with an introductory course for just $42 with code FIREWORK15 at the PopSci Shop.

When you capture a beautiful sunset, it can be frustrating to see washed-out colors on your monitor. You can spend hours trying to recreate the original scene in some apps, but Luminar 3 makes things easier.

The software uses smart sliders which allow you to make multiple adjustments at one time. This means you can focus on the look you want to achieve. Luminar 3 even lets you target individual parts of your image, and there are 50 one-click filters to choose from.

You can take full manual control if you prefer, and Luminar 3 has a built-in library. In this bundle, you get a video course that helps you master the software.

Order now to get Luminar 3 for $42 when you use FIREWORK15 at checkout.

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